We like to offer our customers a yearly service contract. Our contracted customers receive a discount for signing up on our pre-pay contract as well as get priority scheduling.  Our pre-pay service contract offers the following:

Spring Start-Up: 

We activate the system and inspect main connection plumbing as well as the backflow preventor for any leaks or damage from the winter months. We then will test each zone while checking all heads & nozzles for leaks, clogs or damage. Any necessary adjustments and fine tuning will be made to ensure there is proper coverage throughout your landscape. Once all zones, heads, nozzles, and valves are checked and working correctly, the clock is re-programed and watering times are adjusted. Spring start-ups are scheduled via phone or email by our office staff. We start activations in April, once temps stay above freezing. 

Backflow Preventor Test and Inspection: 

The State of Connecticut Department of Public Health requires that your backflow prevention device be tested annually. This test is performed by individuals that are certified by The State of Connecticut and the New England Water Works Association.

*Section 19-13-B38a(f)(7) of the Regulation of Connecticut State Agencies (RCSA) requires public water systems to have backflow prevention devices tested yearly.

Service Checks 1 & 2: 

Service on your lawn irrigation is extremely important. We offer two different mid-season checks for our pre-pay customers. These checks on your system are to ensure everything is working correctly and efficiently. By doing so, we can spot minor problems before they become big (expensive) ones. We do not require anyone to be home for these checks, so we do NOT call to schedule. If you have any questions or concerns about the system, we ask you contact the office so we can schedule accordingly. (Please note that repair charges are additional, i.e. -heads, nozzles, broken pipes). 

Winterization: All irrigation systems must be winterized before the temperatures fall below freezing. Failure to do so can cause significant damage to backflow preventors, pipes, valves and all other components. The winterization will be completed by a trained professional and a large compressor. The compressor will blow any remaining water out of the system. We do not require someone to be home while this service is completed as everything can be completed from outside of the home. We complete winterization services throughout October and November. (Please note that we do not offer winterization on our pre-pay contract. This service will be billed directly after the service is completed).


General Contact


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License Number PLM 0287511-J3 • CT Dept of Public Health Backflow Certification #204622