Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Program My Controller?

There are many controllers that are out on the market. If you still have the reference manual, refer to that. If you do not have access to the manual, many can be found online. The technicians at Water Wizards Irrigation are trained on many different controllers and can show you how to make the necessary changes. If your controller is outdated, we recommend updating with a Hunter Hydrawise (Wi-Fi enabled) controller. 

When Is The Best Time To Water My Grass?

Choosing the right time to water can help you save money, water, as well as your lawn. We recommend watering early morning, around 4:00 a.m. This helps prevent water from evaporating and it will also decrease your chances of getting lawn disease because your lawn has a chance to dry as the morning progresses. 

One of my zones is continually running, even if I power off the controller. What should I do?

When a zone runs longer than its scheduled time and will not shut off even if you power down the controller, it is likely there is sediment clogging one of the valves. The first step is to turn off the water at the backflow preventor. Please refer to this video from our friends at TriState Water Works, on a tutorial on how to stop the flow of water into your irrigation system.

This is also helpful when you have a broken line or head.

Can I have an irrigation system with a well?

Yes! Having a well does not mean you cannot have an irrigation system. Our trained professionals will take the time to calculate the flow rate of your well to ensure you are able to irrigate without diminishing the household water supply. We have years of experience designing systems even on low volume wells. 

Will the installation of my irrigation system cause damage to my existing landscape? How long will the install take?

Here at Water Wizards Irrigation, we take pride in our installation process as it is minimally invasive and will cause minimal damage to your existing landscape. We design each system differently and design it with your current landscape in mind. We use a vibratory plow for pulling lines, which limits surface damage as the narrow slit in the ground is quickly restored by the tires of the machine. 

All installs differ; however, we can complete smaller residential installs in 1- 1 ½ days. 

What kind of maintenance does my irrigation system require?

In order to protect your investment, your system must be maintained yearly in order to last. We always recommend the Spring Start-Up at the beginning of the season (April-May) to ensure all components are working correctly and efficiently. In addition, we also offer checks throughout the season to ensure everything is still working correctly. However, the most crucial part of maintaining your system is winterizing it before the first deep frost. Not winterizing your irrigation system can lead to extremely expensive repairs. We recommend getting your system winterized during the months of October and early November. This is an automatic service to all our contract customers.  


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