Service Contract

Our Service Contracts: Protect Your Investment!

What does the maintenance contract include?

We Awaken your system from it long winter slumber and prepare it for the warm weather ahead. Every sprinkler head is inspected for leaks, clogs and damage from plows or snow blowers. Any necessary adjustments and fine tuning to each sprinkler head will be made. This ensures maximum coverage for your lawn. We will walk your property to insure there are no leaks in the pipe. (Both in the ground or on the house). Finally, your clock is re-programmed, a new battery is installed and watering times are adjusted.

Protect your system from getting cold feet on those cold winter days. We professionally winterize your lawn sprinkler system. This avoids freezing. We purge your system of all water in the pipes and sprinkler heads, unplug your controller and power down the system. Any pumps are un-hooked and your property is given a once over?, to check for any visible leaks or breaks.

As Needed Service Calls:
Service on your lawn irrigation system is important. You visit your doctor for a yearly physical and you take your car in for regular tune-ups, so why not give your irrigation system the same attention? We can schedule periodic check ups to ensure that you have made the correct seasonal adjustments, and spot little problems(before they become big ones). This is an as needed service. (Service tune-ups are not needed in addition to the Water Management Program.)

Back Flow Test and Inspection:
The State of Connecticut Department of Public Health requires that your backflow prevention device be tested annually. This test is performed by individuals that are certified by The State of Connecticut and the New England Water Works Association.

*Section 19-13-B38a(f)(7) of the Regulation of Connecticut State Agencies (RCSA) requires public water systems to have backflow prevention devices tested yearly.

Water Management Program:
Water Wizards Irrigation, LLC is now offering a program to better manage your water usage during the ever changing growing season. From the time your system is activated in the spring, until winterization in the fall, there can be dramatic fluctuations in temperature and moisture.

In order to get the most benefit from your system, frequent adjustments must be made to apply proper amounts of water to your lawn and landscape.

Benefits include: reduced water waste, helping keep turf and landscaping healthier and growing during tough climatic times. A comprehensive report will follow each inspection detailing the current status of the irrigation system.

What is the yearly service rate?
The charge for this yearly maintenance contract is very reasonable and based on the size of your sprinkler system. Contact us for a FREE quote.

Can I do my own service and save some money?
YES! You can do your own service. We encourage our customers who can handle the job to do it. However, our experience has been that many homeowners who decline the service the first year, call the next year for a full service plan. Please note that all warrantees are void if not serviced from day of installation by Water Wizards Irrigation, LLC.

For more information on our service program please call the office or click below!