Watering Tips

If you want a healthy lawn, remember these tips:

Water deep, not frequently.
Shallow watering only wets the soil and water doesn't have a chance to soak in. This forces grass roots to grow to the surface for water, and allows the sun to steal your water through evaporation. The recommended amount of precipitation for lawn areas is 1/2" of water every 3 days. Lawn experts say 1" of water is needed weekly. Remember, this is just a basic guideline, each lawn will respond differently.

Measure your watering coverage.
Do a "can test," using coffee cans or other flat bottomed containers. Place the containers on the lawn in various locations. Run the system for a set period of time, and then check the contents of the cans. You should have the same amount in all the cans. If not, adjust the time up or down, and adjust the zones to achieve even coverage. Adjust distance of spray on each sprinkler head.

If you don't have the time or knowledge to check the system properly, or, to program the controller accurately, and troubleshoot the system, DON'T do it yourself.

A yearly service contract is the best way to make sure the system will continue to operate trouble-free.

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