I am taking time to write to you regarding the lawn sprinkler installation you did for my home last year because you did a great job at a reasonable price despite the difficulties my lawn presented.

In 2013 I decided that it was time to do something about my lawn because it was becoming dust due to two large maple trees absorbing much of the available water. In addition to that much of it is facing the southwest at an angle causing greater evaporation due to the sun. I went on the internet to research what the possible remedies were. It came down to either doing the work myself using material I could buy or having someone else do the job for me. After getting all the information and prices for these choices it became clear that I needed to have a professional address my situation. I sought out quotes from three companies that were local and had good reputations. By far your quote was the best and you were using the same materials as your competitors!

Bottom line was that during the installation you and your crew did an outstanding job and your follow-up addressed all of my concerns. You did what you said you were going to do and you did it in a very timely manner and now my lawn is looking better than it has in years.                                                                                      


Jim L


I want to thank you for the great lawn that I have this year after your installation of the lawn sprinkler system.

For thirty years I have tried to grow grass at my home. This year I finally have a great looking lawn that people can see as they pass by. Grass is finally growing were it has been bare ground for as long as I can remember. The installation was very professionally done. I especial appreciated that you and crew were willing to remove the extra wheels from your equipment so it could fit through my fence gates. Your being willing to take the time to do that meant that it was not necessary to remove a section of the fence. I also appreciate all the follow up you did to insure the system was working to my satisfaction.

Thanks for a great job and the GREEN grass!